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INTELLAPATCH Physical Layer Switches Overview

for Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Telecom 

8 / 16 / 32 Port INTELLAPATCH Physical Layer Switch       

Advanced Management for Fiber Optic and Copper Networks!





Flexible SAN connectivity

Selectively control SAN peripherals

Simple HUB / Switch routing

Re-route workstation clusters

Simple network routing

Automate network testing

Increase network security

Remote IS management

10/100 Base TX copper

100 Base FX fiber

Increase network availability

Simple HUB / switch control

SNMP compatible

Supports OC-3, OC-12

Automating testing & termination

Network /Internet control

48VDC Telecom power

  • 8, 16 or 32 Port Physical Layer Switches
  • Connectivity from 220 m to 10 Km
  • Front Panel LCD Control
  • LAN / Serial Port for Remote Control
  • GUI Control Software
  • Transparent electronic switching
  • Daisy chain up to 32 Switches
  • User installable, no additional software required

    APCON's Patented IntellaPatch Physical Layer Switch manages connections between fiber optic and copper Ethernet networks to provide easy to use point to point connectivity.

    IntellaPatch Switches replace mechanical fiber optic patch panels that require human intervention to redistribute and re-route point to point connections. Ports on the Switch can be easily reconfigured from either the front panel LCD keypad, RS-232 serial interface or from any TCP/IP network workstation via the LAN interface.

    APCON control software can be installed on any Windows workstation to provide remote control of port connections from anywhere on the network.




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