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SAT-1500 Serial ATA Analyzer

BusProbes Serial ATA analyzer for the Tektronix 700 series logic analyzers enables the capture and decoding of the ATA protocol. The Serial ATA analyzer can also be used for sync generation or cable testing. Additionally, the full duplex analyzer can detect many different errors.


Serial ATA



The analyzer uses a "Transitional Time-Stamping" Capture method in both State and Timing modes. This capture technique provides the ability to  run for days without filling the buffer when little activity is occuring. The analyzer can show the time elapsed between events which are up to 999 seconds apart.

Timing Mode (Raw) captures every signal transition. This can be viewed in waveform windows.

State Mode (Normal) uses the buffer more efficiently by only capturing events on the specific strobe edges.

Whichever mode is used, the State Listing and Timing Waveform displays can still be used to view the data!


The analyzer provides a number of  Loadable Serial ATA Triggering files, which configure the analyzer to trigger on events that otherwise might be difficult to trigger on, due to the complexity of the trigger event sequence.

These triggers include:

  • Trigger on any Error
  • Trigger on any Primitive
  • Trigger on any FIS
  • Trigger on any ATA Command


The analyzer provides a variety of  Easy Pre-Capture Serial ATA Filtering selections, which automatically configure the capture to only store what the user is interested in.

These filters include:

No Filtering

Filter Sync Primitives -- Filters out the Sync Primitives

Capture only Packets -- Filters out all Primitives

First 16 DWORDS -- Captures first 16 DWORDS

There are also  Post Serial ATA Filtering Options:

All Fields -- No Filtering

No Primitives -- Displays only Packets, no Primitives

Truncated Packet -- Displays first 16 DWORDS of a Packet

Header -- Displays only Header information of the FIS

FIS Type -- Displays the FIS type


The Serial ATA pod requires a Tektronix TLA-700 series analyzer with ( 2 ) 68 channel, 100Mhz modules (one module for each direction of the bi-directional bus).

Performance Tester, Real Time Monitor, Compatibility Tester, Protocol Analyzer.

Performance and Trace Displays:

Command Listing

State Listing

Timing Waveform




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