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Ultra 3/160M SCSI Analyzer

4ns Resolution on All Channels

2ns Resolution on REQ/ACK

Large Capture Buffer, up to 1M Events

Full support for Ultra2/Ultra3 (LVDS)

High Speed Continuous Capture to Disk

PCI-bus Mastering

Multi Level State Machine Triggering

Extensive Capture Filters

Intuitive Windows-based software

Multiple views of data, Timing, State and Command

Performance Analysis (Throughput, Access Time, Queuing, etc...)


Model -ID610A

The ID610A is an advanced SCSI bus analyzer designed to address the needs of professionals in development, testing and qualification of SCSI peripherals and systems. Combining powerful hardware capabilities with easy to use and highly functional software, the ID610A advances the state of the art in SCSI bus analysis in a significant way.

Powerful Hardware Capabilities
The ID610A offers highly sophisticated and powerful hardware capabilities tuned to the requirements of general and advanced SCSI bus analysis. Its high-speed capture enables it to handle all the existing and upcoming SCSI standards including Ultra3 with ease. The ID610A is event driven, meaning that only transitions on the SCSI bus are captured, with each event time-stamped so that the state of the bus at any time can be determined. Coupled with deep acquisition memory, up to one million events, the ID610A can provide the kind of visibility needed to solve difficult problems. Moreover, sophisticated triggering and filtering subsystems so that these hardware resources can be utilized in an optimal manner complements such raw power.




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