SCSI, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel Diagnostics and Test Software
Extreme Development System
The Extreme SCSI Development System is the premier Fibre Channel and SCSI Test and Development package. Containing five components, this package allows for complete peripheral evaluation capabilities, unsurpassed statistical gathering, performance benchmarking, and manufacturing test. Includes a tool launchbar for convenient tool access, and simplifies the ability to check for, download, and install product upgrades.
Extreme SCSI
The Extreme SCSI software package provides an unparalleled functionality in a tabbed interface for easy navigation and enhanced useability. Extreme SCSI turns "off the shelf" SCSI and Fibre Channel host adapters into powerful test equipment providing a low cost test solution to the industry. Operate on a single device or hundreds of devices simultaneously to save time and energy. Extreme SCSI provides the ability to issue any SCSI Command to any device on any protocol. Combine this with our powerful utilities (such as Format, Microcode Download, Mode, Log and Inquiry page sense and modification), media tools (copy, compare) and canned tests (Command Compliance, Reserved Bit Testing, Random Command sequencing) for the most comprehensive testing tool on the market.
Extreme Manufacturing
The Extreme Manufacturing software package provides a powerful yet simplistic test environment driven by a powerful scripting language which can operate on any number of drives simultaneously, each running their own script or using the Script Manager interface that allows sequences of scripts to be queued and looped for lengthy testing proceedures. This Extreme Manufacturing is designed for general peripheral testing with scripted SCSI sequences, as well as manufacturing, DVT, ORT, final inspection and incoming inspection. The user interface quickly relays device information and status of the tests via color codes and state text. This in combination with manufacturing's extensive logs, device reports and system reports provide unparalleled quality testing and statistical data gathering. It is possible to interface to Extreme Manufacturing remotely with Control Center, or control it programatically via the XSocket library.
Extreme Performance
The Extreme Performance software package provides benchmarking for a new generation of SCSI and Fibre Channel peripherals. Using an easy to use profile generator, performance profiles can quickly be designed and launched on hundreds of devices. Once completed, results may be displayed in a variety of manners using 2D or 3D graphing with sevaral chart types. Just point, click and your performance analysis appears. Then copy it as a bitmap with the click of a button and paste it into any word processor or spreadsheet in a matter of seconds. For you Trade Show veterans we have integrated full blown presentation options that allow for slide-show style demonstrations with both slides and real-time performance graphs.
The Scriptgen software package provides an easy to use interface that allows for complex test scripts go be created in a matter of minutes. Choose from canned tests, insert individual SCSI commands, perform complex looping or conditional branching, launch executables, wait for user input before continuing, the list of features goes on and on. Once a test script has been created and saved, it can be loaded, run and debugged in manufacturing.
Failure Analysis
The Extreme Failure Analysis software package is a perfect companion to any of our software products. This package reads our common error database and parses thousands of entries in a matter of seconds. Once parsed, 2D or 3D graphical representations of data may can be displayed and copied into any word processor or spreadsheet to complete a failure analysis report.
Extreme Field
The Extreme Field software package provides a simple and cost effective tool for Field Service and IT industries. Includes a simple interface that allows Microcode Downloads, disk formatting and more thorough Disk Wiping, Surface analysis and block reassignment. Provides the ability to change caching and recovery options in the mode pages as well as a rudimentary benchmarking tool.
Control Center
The Control Center package enables the user to monitor and control several Extreme Manufacturing workstations simultaneously from anywhere, via LAN, WAN or the internet. This pioneering approach to high volume testing puts hundreds and hundreds of devices under test at your fingertips whether in your office, in another building or in the lab. Licensed on a per IP basis, this high-end solution is affordable, making it a must for anyone running multiple manufacturing systems simultaneously.





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