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PCIX/PCI Analyzer-Exerciser

133 MHz, PCI-X Analyzer/ Exerciser

66MHz, PCI Analyzer/Exerciser

Master or Target mode, Transparent or PCI-X/PCI agent

Ultimate Dual-mode GUI Interface optimized to enhance product development

Interactive "Linked" Analyzer/Exerciser - 64 Bit, 133MHz

Giga Bytes/Sec real-time continuous Performance Analysis & traffic generation

Automated PCI Device Compliance Test & Verification

C-API for custom C program development

FPGA design automatically upgrades the product features with each software update.

Model# -TA800

This new PCI-X Analyzer/Exerciser functions are optimized for PCI-X and PCI product development and integration at the chip, board and system level. These tools enable users to capture and analyze bus traffic, generate traffic for test and characterization purposes and detect protocol errors. The TA800 provides additional tools including a real-time, continuous Performance Analyzer capable of up to 1 GB/sec operation; an automated PCI Device Compliance Test suite; Statistical Analysis of min/max of over 100 parameters at user-defined addresses; and various integrated software utilities for setting, controlling, interrogating and analyzing bus conditions. 

The TA800 provides advanced Bus Analyzer functionality through unique, multimode GUI software interface. Providing both a Pre-defined "Easy" mode, and a highly-programmable "Advanced" mode of operation, this windows based control interface provides greater power and flexibility than single-mode GUI environments. For users operating in other environments, the TA800 also supports an optional C-API, which enables users to control the Analyzer by programming in "C".

The new TA800 provides additional capabilities including real-time, Continuous Performance Analysis at up to 1 GB/sec, an automated PCI Device Compliance Test, and Statistical Analysis of min/max of over 100 parameters at user defined addresses.

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