PCI Analyzer solution (TA700) is a powerful PCI analyzer-exerciser.    The TA700 provides the user with powerful capture & trigger, real-time and post-capture performance analysis, automated compliance testing, timing checks, protocol error checks, and various utilities. More...




PCI-X/PCI Analyzer/Exerciser TA800 133Mhz PCI-X, PCI 66/66Mhz PCI. The TA800 is a complete Bus Analyzer/Exerciser system for PCI-X and PCI. It provides PCI-X Analyzer/Exerciser capability at bus speeds ranging from 1KHz to 133MHz and supports 3.3V PCI systems at up to 66MHz. 

PCI/PCI-X Analyzer/Exerciser TA700 100Mhz PCI-X 66/66Mhz PCI. The capture and trigger functionality and the performance analysis are divided into a simple-to-use, point `n’ click “Easy Mode” and a more powerful, programmer-level “Advanced Mode.”  The exerciser, which can be a target or a master, allows the user to inject errors, violate protocol, insert wait states and idles, and create fast back-to-back cycles (by removing idles between states). 

PCI/PCI-X Analyzer/Exerciser TA690 PCI-X 66/66Mhz PCI. Single board may be used for both PCI and PCI-X analysis, jumper selectable.66 MHz, 64 Bit Analyzer Protocol Checker Real-time Continuous Performance Measurement and Analysis Comprehensive Statistical analysis of Min and Max of over 100 parameters at user specific addresses 40 bit Time-Tag Ultimate GUI Interface optimized to enhance product development.

PCI Analyzer/Exerciser TA660 66/33Mhz PCI. 64 Bit 66 MHz Analyzer, 64 Bit 33 MHz Exerciser, Timing Errors Detector, PCI Compliance Test. Analyze and Exercise the PCI bus at the same time. PCI Analyzer, Exerciser & Hotswap Extender, zero slot requirement, 128k or 1Mg capture memory. Captures & triggers on required REQ#,GNT#,IDSEL# without any external connections. Effective 10 GHz (100 Ps) setup & hold timing violations detector.

PCI Development Unit TST-660  A development unit supporting two 64-bit PCI slots. Generates jumper setting for many different clock frequencies and PCI test patterns. Analyzer/Exerciser can become a PCI agent so  it can perform data transfer with another PCI agent on the bus.

PCI Functional Tester HST-2/32 is a PCI-CPCI card functional test system capable of testing one or two 32 bit PCI cards. This system is designed to allow operators to insert PCI cards and test their application software or the test software without rebooting the system or having to reload the PCI configuration and driver data. HST-2 is designed to be robust for manufacturing environment with low cost and easy to replace connectors.



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