Portable Investigator offers Developers and Field Service professionals an excellent combination of rugged portability and superior flexibility.

Using the advanced Protocol Analyzer Engines at 1Gbps or 2Gbps, each Portable Investigator system can provide analysis capability for up to 8 channels.

Portable Investigator can also support up to 4 powerful Traffic Generators (TA1000A).

For maximum flexibility, the system also provides support for multiple combinations of analyzers and traffic generators (up to the 4 PCI slot limit of the portable platform) to give a test and analysis system that is totally customized to your individual needs.

This also means that the system can easily be expanded to cope with any future requirements.

Summary of Benefits

  • Rugged portable platform
  • Supports multi-channel analysis and traffic generation:
  • Up to 8 channel analysis at 2Gbps/1Gbps or 1Gbps only (upgradeable to 2Gbps/1Gbps)
  • Up to 4 channel traffic generation at 2Gbps
  • Combinations of analyzers and traffic generators can be mixed within a single system
  • Investigator software makes isolating problems easy with automatic decode of SCSI, IP or proprietary protocols
  • See your network using new Mapper software
  • Provides totally customizable portable test and analysis system
  • Easy to expand and upgrade for future lab or field requirements

Portable INVESTIGATOR Specifications

For further details, see the component specifications:







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