Fibre Channel Investigator Range from Absolute Analysis delivers industry-leading features in rackmount, desktop, portable and ultra-compact notebook-based configurations - the most flexible and cost-effective way to debug and maintain Fibre Channel devices and networks.

At the heart of the range are the advanced Protocol Analyzer Engines for 1Gb/s and 2Gb/s, which together with Absolute Analysis's sophisticated and easy-to-use software applications, provide engineers with the most advanced test and fault-isolation tools available today. A 2Gb/s Traffic Generator is also available.

A key benefit of the Investigator range is flexibility. Investigator is available in Rackmount, Desktop, Portable and Notebook-based platforms each designed to offer maximum return on investment by supporting different combinations of analysis and traffic generation functions, giving exactly the right features you need, when you need them.

It also means that each system can easily be expanded to cope with any future requirements.


All our latest Fibre Channel analyzers use the same advanced Investigator software that combines powerful features with an easy to use GUI.

The new Release 4.00 software provides significant advances in many areas, most notably increased triggering and filtering capability and improved multi-channel support.

Absolute Analysis's Fibre Channel Investigator TM software platform combines powerful analysis features with the ultimate in ease of use. No matter how complex your test requirements, Investigator has features to make life easier:

  • Comprehensive visual indicators provide constant feedback on link status, link speed, illegal frames, capture buffer and frame count
  • Capture and display data with just two clicks
  • Unique multi-channel display allows rapid and intuitive navigation through many channels on a single screen
  • Display network topology and devices on the link using the Mapper feature
  • Never need protocol reference documents again - automatic decodes are provided for over thirty protocols including FC-VI, FCP-SCSI, FC-SB-2, LLC and IP (or add your own using the protocol editor)
  • Smart triggering technology allows complex trigger and filter conditions to be configured for almost any situation, including triggering on performance events
  • Customize and save all settings for different users with profile manager
  • Share trace files with remote users using free Trace Viewer software


Follow our three part tour to see more of the software features. These take you from simple data capture, through multi-channel triggering and filtering to complex, user configured, protocols in the protocol editor.

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