Flexible analysis for demanding test applications

As Fibre Channel products constantly increase in complexity, so do the demands made on testing these products. The new Rackmount Investigator provides the power and flexibility you need to make developing and supporting complex Fibre Channel devices, systems and storage networks easier and more manageable than ever before.

As well as providing new intelligent analysis features like link topology mapping and an extensive configurable onboard protocol database, Rackmount Investigator is also extremely flexible providing up to 16 channels of 1 and 2Gbps analysis with the option of traffic generation in a single 19" chassis.

The system is designed for connection to a network (or another computer) using a built-in 10/100Base-T Ethernet port and can be controlled locally or remotely.

Rackmount Investigator comprises the Rackmount (RT) Platform with a choice of 1Gbps/2Gbps protocol analyzer and traffic generation options.


Key Features

  • Up to 16 channels per chassis
  • 1 and 2Gbps capture at full line rate
  • Traffic generation option
  • Local or remote network operation
  • Latest 'smart triggering' technology
  • Network link topology display
  • Automatic decoding of over thirty protocols
  • Real-time statistics reporting
  • Rackmount or benchtop configurations
  • Ultimate ease of use

Advanced productivity features make life easier

Rackmount Investigator uses Absolute Analysis's Fibre Channel Investigator TM software platform combining powerful analysis features with the ultimate in ease of use. No matter how complex your test requirements, Investigator has features to make life easier:

  • Comprehensive visual indicators provide constant feedback on link status, link speed, illegal frames, capture buffer and frame count
  • Capture and display data with just two clicks
  • Unique multi-channel display allows rapid and intuitive navigation through many channels on a single screen
  • Display network topology and devices on the link using the Mapper feature
  • Never need protocol reference documents again - automatic decodes are provided for over 30 protocols including FC-VI, FCP-SCSI, FC-SB-2, LLC and IP (or add your own using the protocol editor)
  • Smart triggering technology allows complex trigger and filter conditions to be configured for almost any situation, including triggering on performance events
  • Customize and save all settings for different users with profile manager
  • Share trace files with remote users using free Trace Viewer software

See the power of Fibre Channel Investigator for yourself now by taking the online tour.

Configuration and Interface Options

Rackmount Investigator comprises the Rackmount (RT) Platform with a choice of the following optional function modules:

  • PA1000B 1Gbps dual channel protocol analyzer (upgradeable to 2Gbps/1Gbps)
  • PA2000A 2Gbps/1Gbps dual channel protocol analyzer
  • TA1000A Traffic generator

Rackmount Investigator supports the following interface options:

Protocol Analyzer

  • 1Gbps 850nm Short Wave Optical GBIC
  • 1Gbps 1300nm Long Wave Optical GBIC
  • 2Gbps 850nm Short Wave Optical GBIC
  • 2Gbps 1300nm Long Wave Optical GBIC
  • Copper solutions available on request

Traffic Generator

  • 2Gbps 850nm Short Wave Transceiver
  • 2Gbps 1300nm Long Wave Transceiver







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