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FCS-2000 Fibre Channel Analyzer Support

Captures Fibre Channel Traffic at speeds of 1.062 Gb/s and 2.125 Gb/s using industry standard GBIC's.

Provides the 32 bit data and necessary control signals to the TLA 700 for a higher-level protocol view of the Fibre Channel bus. Provides decoding for the FCP-2, the FC-AL, and the FC-PH specifications

LED's provide a quick and easy way to view the Link Status. LEDs show when there is a link error, a Rx_LOS, a Start of Frame, a Primitive, an Idle, a FCP_CMD, and a Loop Init.

Provides easy triggering on any SCSI Command and SCSI Status.

Can detect an 8B/10B coding error, disparity error, framing error, and primitive error.

Provides the ability to filter out Idles, Primitives, and Payload Data.

Provides the ability to capture incoming data and transmit Idles at the same time. This allows for a quick and easy cable testing.




Performance Tester, Real Time Monitor, Compatibility Tester, Protocol Analyzer.

Performance and Trace Displays:

Command Listing

State Listing

Timing Waveform



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