HST-2/32 is a PCI-CPCI card functional test system capable of testing one or two 32 bit PCI cards. This system is designed to allow operators to insert PCI cards and test their application software or the test software without rebooting the system or having to reload the PCI configuration and driver data. HST-2 is designed to be robust for manufacturing environment with low cost and easy to replace connectors.

HST software, provided with the system, guides the user to perform a one time initialization and thereafter it allows card swapping and testing with a single key stroke.

Test Programs

Specific test programs for UUT cards are not provided with this system. The user may execute an application software to check the UUT card integrity or execute a custom designed test program developed by the user.

Testing CPCI cards

To test 32 bit CPCI card Catalyst adapters may be used to convert the PCI connectors to CPCI connectors. The part number for this adapter is C2PCI-32.



Chassis: 19 inch Industrial

CPU: AMD K6-2 450 MHz

Memory: 64 Meg

Video: PCI SVGA, PCI with 8Meg on board

Mouse: PS2

Keyboard: PS2 or AT

Hard Disc: 10 Gig or higher

Power supply: 250 Watts

Floppy Drive: 1.44 Meg

Hot Swap Interface: PCI, One (Two optional) 32 bit, 33 MHz interface

Operating Software: Win 98 or 2000 (2000 is optional)

CDROM: Optional

C2PCI-32: Optional, PCI to CPCI connector adapter

Monitor: Not included


Model# PCI HST- 2/32






Hot Swap PCI Boards Under Test

Automatically reload PCI configuration space data without rebooting the computer

Automatically enable and disable the UUT driver for initializing the UUT after each power up

Automate board testing for production applications

Socketed PCI interface for quick replacement of tester connectors

Benefits: Speed up test time

Automated Hot Swap software, Single key stroke hot swapping.

Manufacturing class test setup

Low Cost & Easy to Replace connectors



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