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Bluetooth Wired Analyzer

The SerialBlue™ Bluetooth analyzer for the HCI UART (version 1.0b and 1.1), L2CAP and Cambridge Silicon Radio's BCSP (BlueCore Serial Protocol) protocols. While there are several Bluetooth baseband analyzers that allow you to monitor the frames that are transmitted through the air, we are not aware of any analyzers besides SerialBlue that will capture and analyze Bluetooth serial data as it travels between a host and a host controller. 

In addition to outstanding protocol decode features the HCI UART decode the L2CAP decode  BCSP decode, SerialBlue is also a full-featured serial data analyzer that supports detailed low-level byte-by-byte analysis of the data stream. 

SerialBlue runs on any Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 PC. Using two standard serial ports it supports speeds to 115.2K baud. Using an optional high-speed serial card,  SerialBlue supports speeds to 921.6K baud.





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