Bluetooth wireless technology will be the first such technology to bring short-distance wireless interfaces to consumer products on a large scale, and is estimated to be employed in 90% of all mobile communications electronic equipment by the year 2005. As the number of products incorporating Bluetooth wireless technology increases, the analysis function in the development of various applications using the technology becomes more important.





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"BX1000 meets your need for new analyzing instruments in this new market."

  • Bluetooth specification ver. 1.0b compliance

  • Analysis function for core protocol (L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM)

  • Data sending function

  • Generates HCI commands and captures events

  • Connection to user's PC with USB

  • Compact and light

  • Low price

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"Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer BX1000 is a useful and powerful tool for Bluetooth designers."

BX1000 is connected with external PC through USB interface. BX1000 Analysis Software on external PC provides various analysis functions for Bluetooth system. It can form piconet, and analyze the connection status and information of each Bluetooth units in a piconet. BX1000 can generate HCI commands and sequence of them, and also can receive HCI commands simultaneously.
All data will be displayed on BX1000 software as readable format. Just look at the display, you can understand what happened in a piconet easily.


Command Generate & Display Events


Making Command Sequence

Moreover, BX1000 has functions of a file sending and receiving, analysis function of Plofiles, It can do total analysis in upper layer.
BX1000 can be provided dc power from USB cable, so AC power source is not necessary.
Additionally, its small size, portable packaging is suitable for mobile use.



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