Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer

BPA-D10 captures Bluetooth wireless protocol information over the air and analyzes all levels of the protocol inclusive of the base-band layer. The highly intuitive graphics user interface displays all the Bluetooth protocol information in the form of message sequence chart. The message sequence chart window displays transactions of Bluetooth protocol traffic in a non-intrusive manner. Each protocol layers are further broken down into packets and fields and even up to basic raw data format for ease of checking. This tool will help developers to visualize the actual happenings in a Bluetooth connection.

BPA-D10's advance search and filtering engine allows developers to focus on the problem area quickly and easily. Other features like customizable color scheme, time and bookmarkers will help improve efficiency during debugging by adapting to individual preferences. The error detections and vital packet statistic provides valuable information on the quality of the Bluetooth devices' radio under observation and the surrounding air-space. This is essential for diagnosing environment related performance problem. Finally, due to the inherent strong networking ability, the amount of information that can be captured is only limited by the spare disk space that is available on your desktop PC or notebook.

Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer
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Bluetooth is a 2.4GHz short-range wireless communication standard promoted by Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Lucent, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, 3COM and Toshiba and supported by more than 2,000 Bluetooth SIG member companies. Bluetooth wireless technology allows digital devices to communicate seamlessly via radio waves by sending data at 1 megabit per second. The interoperability of Bluetooth standard provides a variety of mobile computing, communications and other devices to communicate with one another without the need for cable attachments.   Benefits   Key Features






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