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ATA Analyzer ID620A


High Lights: 

4 ns Sampling Resolution on all Channels, 2ns Resolution on Read/Write Strobes

Support for ATA/100 and Command Queuing

Large Capture Buffer, up to 1m events

PCI Bus-Mastering to Disk

Multi - Level State Machine Triggering

ATAPI Command Decode

Performance Analysis (throughput, Access Time, Sequentiality, etc…)

Intuitive Windows-based Software

Multiple Synchronized Views of Data
Supports Annotation of Trace Data

ATA Analyzer ID620A is an advanced IDE/ATAPI bus analyzer designed to address the needs of professionals in development, testing and qualification of Enhanced IDE, Ultra DMA, and ATAPI peripherals and systems. 

The combination of high speed data capture, powerful triggering and filtering functions, extensive decoding and performance analysis, and intuitive Windows interface provides the power and flexibility required to debug and test state of the art ATA and ATAPI peripherals and systems.

Powerful Hardware Capabilities
The ATA Analyzer offers highly sophisticated and powerful hardware capabilities tuned to the requirements of sophisticated IDE bus analysis. Running at a 5 nanosecond sampling rate, it can handle the different operating modes of IDE including Programmed I/O, DMA, and Ultra DMA. 

The ATA Analyzer is event driven, meaning that only transitions on the IDE bus are captured, with each event time-stamped so that the state of the bus at any time can be determined. Coupled with deep acquisition memory, up to 1m events, and the ability to capture data to disk, the ID620A can provide the kind of visibility needed to solve difficult problems. Moreover, such raw power is complemented by sophisticated triggering and filtering subsystems so that these hardware resources can be utilized in an optimal manner. MORE...




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