1394 Analyzer 400Mbps. Simultaneous 

Snooping and Generation (Slim)

Slim profile for space-constricted applications 

Versatile stand design for different 
  mounting options

Touchscreen operation with 
System Flat Panel : 
14.1" Color TFT, 1024 X 768 

Compact infrared keyboard

Compact Size

Dimensions: (W x H x D): 14.5 x 12 x 4 in.

Onboard 1394.a PHYs 

Real-time 1394 Bus Topology 

Node Identification and 
Speed Mapping

Simultaneous 1394 Data 
Generation and Data Capturing

Optional Support for SBP-2, AV/C, 
and IP Protocols

Optional Scripting Support Available
with VB Scripting Engine


Data Viewer Pro for SB

The Data Viewer software for the 1394 Serial Bus Analyzer "SB Series" includes upper level protocol analysis functions for SBP-2, AV/C, IP over 1394, IEC61883, and HAVi.
The Data Viewer Pro for SB can run on the IEEE1394 Serial Bus Analyzer SB Series and on PCs running Windows NT, 95, 98, Me, or 2000.

AV/C Digital Interface Command Set:
*General Specification. Version 3.0
*VCR Subunit Specification. Version 2.0.1
*Monitor Subunit Model and Command Set Version 1.0
*Tape Subunit Model and Command Set Version 2.1


Serial Bus Protocol ANSI NCITS 325 1998

Draft IETF-IP1394-IPv4-19

HAVi 1.0

IEC61883.x 1.0

Option: Custom Function of analysis frame for upper layer protocol

**Data Viewer Pro for SB needs SB Event Viewer version 2.3.1 or later to analyze the data captured by SB series. ** 

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1394 Bus Topology


Snooping and Capturing Packets

Examining Node and Packet Content

Viewing Bandwidth

Generating 1394 Traffic

Remote Data Viewing

Protocol Plug-In

Scripting Engine


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