1394 Bus Topology


Snooping and Capturing Packets

Examining Node and Packet Content

Viewing Bandwidth

Generating 1394 Traffic

Remote Data Viewing

Protocol Plug-In

Scripting Engine







Display Node Contents in the CSR and Config ROM Explorer

Use the VK9000's CSR and Config ROM Explorer window to view a node's CSR or Config ROM data. Use this feature to browse through any node's Command and Status Registers and browse the directory hierarchy of any node's Config ROM, traversing up and down the hierarchy tree structure. The contents of each directory and leaf are decoded and displayed in an easy-to-read format.

Display 1394 Packets Details in the Data Explorer

Reduce your debugging time by examining 1394 packet details quickly and efficiently. Select a packet from the Event List or Transaction Viewer and double-click the packet to open it in the Data Explorer. Packet header information, time stamp, and data payload are displayed for isochronous and asynchronous packets.



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