SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd. Chooses the IEEE 1394 Analyzer

SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd.
Group's R&D Headquarters
Hypermedia Research Center, Network System Department
Mr. Kaihei Kuwata (Left), Chief Researcher
Mr. Masahide Watanabe(Right), Chief Researcher
We are in charge of development for the iDshot animation digital camera which was released on February 1st, 2001.

The iDshot is a digital camera for capturing still and moving pictures with a newly developed internal iD format disk that is compact and has a large, 730 megabyte capacity.

During the course of our research we wondered whether we could make such a high capacity disk simple to use by having it act as an external disk to a PC.
To come true it, we turned our attention toward the IEEE1394 Serial Bus, and set out to develop an interface. Our interface employs a data exchange technique using the SBP-2 protocol. With this interface technology the camera is automatically recognized as an external disk using the Hot-Plug when connected to a PC, and then the stills and moving pictures taken by the camera can be viewed as files using the software functions of the OS such as the Explorer. Also it is not necessary to copy files to the hard disk drive as you can access them directly from the camera. All in all we developed a system that is very easy to use. Three years ago we started development with IEEE1394, and upon seeing demonstrations of the IEEE1394 Analyzer at various exhibitions we got the impression that it was a very handy instrument that could support the SBP-2 protocol, so we decided to purchase it. After using it, we really liked user interface and the fact that the operation is easy to understand, the captured packets are displayed hierarchically according to the packets' structure, and that it offers an intuitive way of viewing the data. We used the analyzer in the first stages of development for analysis of the fundamental mechanisms of the transactions with the PC. In the latter half we used it to verify what was going on in the actual camera, and using the SBP-2 protocol analysis functions, we were able to raise the efficiency of our development by directly viewing the fields and values that we wanted.
From debugging in the initial stages to interconnectivity tests for creating the final product, the highly versatile IEEE1394 Analyzer was really there for us when we needed it.
IEEE1394 Data Analyzer VK9000


SANYO's Product

Digital Disk Camera

The iDshot uses the "iD PHOTO" 730 MB magneto-optical disk

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