1394 Bus Topology

Snooping and Capturing Packets

Examining Node and Packet Content

Viewing Bandwidth

Generating 1394 Traffic

Remote Data Viewing

Protocol Plug-In

Scripting Engine






1394 Analyzer Overview

The VK9000 1394 Data Analyzer provides engineers with a powerful, out-of-box 1394 test and measurement solution. The full asynchronous and isochronous capturing capabilities of the VK9000 make it an ideal measurement tool for 1394 protocol analysis, traffic monitoring, and event identification. These robust resources provide a complete solution for your entire 1394 product team and save system integration and debugging time.

Analyze your system utilizing a passive bus snooping technology, which allows the VK9000 to listen to all bus activity without interfering with regular bus traffic. Log every event (asynchronous and isochronous) into a buffer for offline analysis. Set various trigger conditions to ensure the highest flexibility in capturing specific events.

View your 1394 system's architecture with a sophisticated Topology Map, which reflects live cable insertion, CSR architecture information, and speed mapping. Visualize serial data traffic in the Event List or in the Transaction Viewer. Switch instantly from real-time capturing to offline data analysis as you track and identify problems. Filter large data records for specific characteristics and dependencies. Display bandwidth and packet contents. Filter events and parse protocols like AV/C, HAVi, IP, and SBP-2 or your own custom protocol. With the VK9000 generate 1394 packets or simultaneously generate and capture 1394 bus traffic. View captured data remotely using the VK9000's Data Viewer feature, which runs on any x86 PC platform.

Take advantage of the flexible design, which supports several different mounting options, and small footprint for optimal use in the laboratory or in the field. This state-of-the-art modular analysis system solves today's problems and provides enhancement flexibility for tomorrow's challenges.


The VK9000 provides a true turnkey 1394 development solution. Computer configurations and system compatibilities are not an issue; simply connect the VK9000 to your 1394 bus to begin testing and analysis. The benefits of a Windows NT operating system and the intuitive user interface allows you to easily operate the VK9000 even when setting complex trigger and filtering sequences.

  • Fully compliant with IEEE 1394-1995 and 1394-2000(PHY layer)

  • Topology Map for bus topology analysis

  • Node identification and speed mapping

  • CSR transactions including Read, Write, and Lock

  • CSR Config ROM Explorer

  • View data capture in Event List in sequential order displayed in a textual table or in the Transaction Viewer as graphical linked packets

  • Examine individual packet details and contents using the Data Explorer

  • Flexible triggering

  • External hardware triggering

  • Comprehensive filtering

  • Event search engine

  • External hardware triggering

  • Real-time bandwidth utilization analysis

  • 1394 traffic generation

  • Protocol support available for AV/C, HAVi, IPv4, SBP-2, and user-defined custom protocols (Optional)

  • Scripting support available for custom trigger, capture, and generation sequences (Optional)

  • Remote data viewing of captured packets supported with VK9000 Data Viewer feature



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